About UO Heroes

We are a premier free-to-play Ultima Online server prominently focused within the UO:R era, owned and operated by industry professionals. Our mission and promise to the UO Heroes community is to offer a player before profit realm; free of staff corruption that is built around proper game mechanics, accountability and transparency. Most Notably, here at UO Heroes the players will have a voice.

Server Specs:

  • Login: login.uoheroes.com
  • Port: 2593
  • Accounts per IP: 3
  • Houses per Account: 1
  • Skill-cap: 700
  • Stat-cap: 225
  • Ruleset: Felucca
Ter Mur World Map

Ultima Online's original world map; Britannia was designed and built to support Origin's populations in the tens of thousands. It has since been depreciated and is too large for today's dedicated player base. UO Heroes has scaled back the world map; featuring Ter Mur facet in a Felucca rule set. In an effort to effectively connect the player base, Ter Mur's exquisite land offers two towns; the Royal and Holy cities with exciting action all around.

Traditional Dungeons

Just because Britannia is gone doesn't mean the dungeons you know and love aren't available. Find the passages that lead to your favorite champion or solo spots and relive the nostalgia.

Instance Dungeons

UO Heroes instance dungeons opens an additional avenue for solo and grouped PVM adventures. Instances cannot be interfered with by outside raiding parties or player killers and are intended to be more difficult than a standard dungeon. Obtaining Hero suit sets and items will provide instance-only attributes to aide in offensive and defensive super hero-like powers.

In the future, we'd like to offer more options in the instance space to include different competitions, speed runs, and player suggested feedback

Improved Crafting!
  • A completely revamped and massively expanded BOD system
  • Allow banking rewards so anyone can save for the BIG ones!
  • Along with blacksmithy and tailoring, new BOD systems for carpentry, alchemy, inscription and tinkering are available!
  • Valuable new rewards that keeps UO exciting but won't turn PVP into Pay2Win.
  • Streamlined crafting and harvesting, with a balance towards the players.
  • More crafting Powerscrolls!
  • New crafting queue for those large orders
  • Specialized, common tools assist with the harvesting process
  • Harvest resources and prices always favor the players
  • and more!

Exciting Features!
  • Uncharted dungeons
  • Mini-champion spawns
  • Zodiac MOTM
  • Achievements system
  • Texas Hold'em Poker
  • Proper PVP mechanics
  • Dueling system
  • Powerhour
  • and more!

On the Roadmap!

UO Heroes is very proud to introduce two professional developers to the Ultima Online community. We will strive to provide consistent updates that are complete, compatible and player driven. Some exciting features to be prepared for are:

  • Just A Rather Very Intelligent System (J.A.R.V.I.S.) restock assistant
  • Bloodlines (evolution pet system)
  • Level/Prestige talisman slayer system
  • Destiny (vita nex special abilities) quests
  • New dungeons and bosses
  • Heroes & Villains (murderer & justice system)
  • PVP Arena seasons
  • Expanded faction system
The Royal Order

Dressed in Royal Blue, these factioners will have the upmost respect for the citizens of the Royal City and swear to protect them at all costs.

The Forsaken Army

Draped in Blood Fire Red, the dark power from the Unholy City will stop at nothing, and do amything it takes to become the true keepers of the Royal City.

Upcoming Faction Model
  • Opt-in/Opt-out of faction status
  • Randomly generated capture points

The faction points will actually mean something to be captured, you may be without a warhorse, without vendors, or without fation items without capturing a certain point!

ACT-C 1.0 - Anti-Corruption Trust Console

The ACT-C offers a never seen before way we look at Ultima Online staff interaction, transparency and analytics.

  • Real-time data dashboards providing the players insight and security.
  • Everyone is held accountable for their actions.
  • Putting an end to staff corruption and any form of player gained favoritism.
REM 1.0 - Resource Exchange Module

The REM offers an insight into our major resources that are utilized throughout the game with a real-time calculations on how the markets move and trends.

  • Real-time access to major resource counts and movements.
  • Economy driven monitoring to offer supply and demand at a glance.
  • Tracking on all major resources to ensure no staff intervention on your gameplay experience.